the intellectual struggle

the intellectual struggle

the intellectual struggle. Reading practices are an intellectual endeavor, this is not about reading in order to absorb information but rather, reading in order to analyze arguments, broaden our engagements with ideas, and generate a sense of ourselves as intellectuals.  Law and policies produce what may appear to be simple, clear, and straightforward facts and rules but the way those facts and rules are dispersed, explained, shared, and represented end up producing their own set of ideas — this is why we will focus on honing and strengthening your reading practices through careful discussion of the texts and weekly writing responses.

For this reading please write one double spaced page where you discuss:

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1) An idea or set of ideas from the author. Some suggestions to guide your writing:

– What subject – people, person, or community – is the author thinking about?

– Why does the author have to look at these particular laws or policies in order to talk about the subject of their research?

– Do you get a sense of the intellectual struggle or desire the author is hoping to address through their research?

2a) A discussion question.  A discussion question takes a specific concept or idea from the reading and situates into the social and political world – this could be another reading, a political event in the past, a current event, a set of politics or identities, and so forth.


the intellectual struggle

2b)  A clarifying question about anything from the reading that was unclear and would benefit from more explanation during class.


Since it’s really long reading, If you want to write only one point that you are interested in you can, just be specific and write good answers for above guidelines questions. And please mark the part you choose for me in the reading.

Please write your answers in depth. Please make sure you reading this reading very carefully before you write response.

Thank you!

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