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After watching this week’s video resources, please answer the following questions: Based on your own personal experience or that of someone you know, what positive effects can religion have on an individual’s life?  Give examples.After viewing the video about the Jonestown Massacre, what do you feel are the possible negative effects of religion? Why do you think that many of the over 900 people who died at Jonestown were willing to commit suicide at the request of their leader?  How is this type of cult religion similar to extremist groups such as ISIS  or Al Qaeda?After viewing the video about the Westboro Baptist church, what are your thought on freedom of religion?  Should everyone be able to practice their religion even if it offensive to others?  To most of society?

Please respond with at least 400 words.  Be respectful and use appropriate language.  Do not make judgements about any religion in particular.  We are discussing religion in general only. Include references to the text and other scholarly resources.


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