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Review writing is the process of summarizing and analyzing a piece of academic writing on a specific topic and writing an article critique. It should be original like any other academic assignment that is it should be written from scratch. Article reviews are standard in all disciplines, and their primary work is to evaluate and give accurate information to help learners decide whether to hear, read, see and participate in an event or survey. It should include the main points of the article but with the absence of examples or statistical information. It also assesses the methodology used and also discloses the findings.

Article reviews also show the output of the article to a particular discipline of study and demonstrate the negative parts of the article. It should be known that article reviewing is not personal reasoning, research paper or essay but the results of some general situation analysis which gives the ready a precise understanding or the actual review of an article.

Why do article review?

There are many reasons why students should do article reviews. First, students gain substantial experience, broaden their scholarly writing and research skills. Writing a successful and original article review, it requires one to have proper paraphrasing and summarizing skills. Original article review is presenting a general overview or glance of an evaluated idea but not providing the entire information on the topic.

Referencing the used sources is very important to make your work original and abstain entirely from plagiarism. Students though find it challenging to write a high-quality original article review. They are in need of examples of what an original article review entails and how it should be formatted. Nevertheless, the very many daily assignments are overwhelming students hence forcing them to seek assistance to beat the deadlines from the reliable writing services like assignmentsolutions.net. Our writing service is ready and committed to serving students meet due dates and write original articles of high quality.


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