Environmental Health: Local To Global: Module 5 Quiz

Question 1

  1. In the United States, research has documented socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in residential exposures to _______________.
[removed]air pollution
[removed]hazardous waste sites
[removed]industrial facilities
[removed]all of the above

1 points  

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Question 2

  1. In the context of ionizing radiation, the term relative biological effectiveness describes _______________, per unit of radiation energy absorbed by the body.
[removed]the relative damage caused by different types of ionizing radiation
[removed]the relative impact of acute versus chronic exposure to ionizing radiation
[removed]the relative risk of birth defects caused by exposure early versus late in pregnancy

1 points  

Question 3

  1. Which of the following occupations is not particularly associated with high exposure to asbestos?
[removed]Insulation Workers
[removed]Oil Workers
[removed]Shipbuilding Workers

1 points  

Question 4

  1. Which of the following diseases is a sentinel illness for asbestos exposure?
[removed]Lung cancer

1 points  

Question 5

  1. The half-life of a radioactive element is the time it takes for half the atoms in a sample to _______________.
[removed]become non-radioactive
[removed]lose an electron
[removed]undergo radioactive decay

1 points  

Question 6

  1. Which of the following is not a syndrome associated with acute high-level exposure to ionizing radiation?
[removed]Bone marrow syndrome
[removed]Central nervous system syndrome
[removed]Gastrointestinal syndrome
[removed]Respiratory syndrome

1 points  

Question 7

  1. Occupational exposure to cotton dust causes _______________.

1 points  

Question 8

  1. Which of the following types of radiation is not ionizing?
[removed]Beta radiation
[removed]Gamma radiation
[removed]Infrared radiation

1 points  

Question 9

  1. Which type of radiation is most penetrating, if a person is exposed from a source outside the body?
[removed]Alpha radiation
[removed]Beta radiation
[removed]Gamma radiation

1 points  

Question 10

  1. Nanoparticles are in the same size range as __________________ particulates.

1 points  

Question 11

  1. Asbestos is a _______________ hazard.

1 points  

Question 12

  1. Which of the following is not a documented health effect of noise in the workplace?
[removed]Cognitive failures
[removed]Coronary heart disease
[removed]Decrease in immune system function

1 points  

Question 13

  1. Today, with asbestos exposures in the United States largely controlled, deaths from malignant melanoma in the country are _______________.
[removed]holding steady

1 points  

Question 14

  1. Radioactive decay occurs when an atom of a radioactive isotope _______________.
[removed]Absorbs a burst of energy
[removed]Ejects part of its nucleus
[removed]undergoes fusion of the particles in its nucleus

1 points  

Question 15

  1. In the United States, research on burdens of BPA, PFCs, and PBDEs in people’s bodies or in their microenvironments has shown:
[removed]consistently higher burdens in lower-socioeconomic-status and/or minority populations.
[removed]consistently lower burdens in lower-socioeconomic-status and/or minority populations.
[removed]variation in demographic patterns in body burdens.
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