Comparative Evaluation of Hewlett's and Lancy's arguments about learning and teaching in childhood

Write a 1-2 page comparative evaluation of Hewlett’s and Lancy’s arguments about learning and teaching in childhood. You should introduce the topic, and include at least a paragraph summarizing each piece (follow the Comprehend section of your Rapid Critique Checklist)  followed by your comparative critical evaluation of the authors’ positions (Critique, Connect, and Communicate). 

Key questions: How does each author define “teaching”? Why is it important to understand how children learn from others? What evidence does each author present to support their argument? What are the implications of each argument (i.e. if X is true, what does that tell us about social learning)? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each argument? Take a position; which author do you agree with and why?

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Materials: Readings: Lancy, David, Chapter 8, Ethnographic Perspectives on Culture Acquisition Hewlett, B. S., & Roulette, C. J. (2016). Teaching in hunter–gatherer infancy. Royal Society open science, 3(1), 150403.  Videos/Audio Files: David Lancy, Taming the Autonomous Learner,

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