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Australia Wildfire(Annotated Bibliography) one and half page

The topic you should write is “Australia Wildfire” (the up to date fire)

Questions to discuss in the research paper: (client paper ki instructions baad mai send krry ga, for now hm ny AB karni h )

1.  what is the cause of the fire?

2.  Why does the wildfire last so long (so far, it has not been put out)?

3.  What measures has the Australian government taken to put out the fire (can be related to Q2)?

4.  Related this topic to “climate change”.

Homework 5: Annotated Bibliography


As you assemble sources for Writing Assignment 3, you will need to sort through the many possible sources you find to determine which ones are most relevant to your research paper question. One strategy for doing this is to write annotations that summarize the main points or findings of each source and evaluate their credibility and relevance to your research project. An annotated bibliography lists multiple sources with their annotations together in one place, and can be helpful step in gathering and evaluating information for your research project.

Your task in Homework 5 is to create an annotated bibliography using three scholarly sources you believe are relevant to your research question. Please include the most recent version of your research question at the top of the first page. For each source, you need a complete citation in MLA or APA (as appropriate for your topic) and an annotation. These annotations should summarize the important information in each source, assess its credibility, and briefly explain its relevance to your research project. Each annotation should be 5-7 sentences.

You may use sources you identified in Homework 3 for this assignment, but it is important that you choose sources that are relevant for your research paper. Do not simply write annotations for the first three scholarly sources you find or read.


Your research question
Three citations with annotations Typed, 12 pt font, double-spaced Submit on Canvas as Word file

400 word Public Health Research Discussion (Logistic Regression Values

Due 12/18 8 p.m EST

400 Words not including Title & Ref min 3 APA



This week’s readings discuss conditional probabilities, conditional odds, logits, odds ratios, relative risk, and slopes. These can all be confusing terms but the good news is that all these values have some relationship to each other. Researchers have their own opinions on which values makes the most sense to report.

In a 2- to 3-paragraph post, construct a persuasive argument for the value (conditional probability, odds, odds ratio, etc.) that, intuitively, makes the most sense for you to report as a result to your audience. Be sure to provide a specific rationale for your choice.

presentation topic

 These are the requirements: Writing Requirements (APA format)  Length: 0.5-1 page (not including references page) 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font References page (minimum of 3 scholarly sources) do you think you can do this one by Sunday at 4pm? 

Seven Signs in John


For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to explore one methodology for making disciples that can be used across a wide range of cultures. You will read Scripture and answer questions like you would if you were preparing to meet with a group for seven consecutive weeks. Carefully follow the instructions below. 

1. Begin by reading the article by Neil Cole on CMA Resources entitled, “Seven Signs in John: A Simple Process for Evangelism and Starting Churches. http://cmaresources.org/article/seven-signs-in-john 

2. Using the Bible and the Seven Signs in John Worksheet, begin reading through each of the seven signs found in the book of John. For each of the seven signs, thoroughly answer each of the 4 questions found in the article and the worksheet. Each of the questions must be answered in a way that demonstrates you would be able to competently discuss the topic in a small group setting. At least one solid paragraph must be written for each of the first 3 questions for each of the seven signs in John. 

3. The project must be submitted with clear headings and subheadings. Each of the seven signs must be listed with the appropriate Scripture passage just as it appears in the Seven Signs in John Worksheet. The subheadings under each of the signs must be the four questions. For example: 

A. Changing Water to Wine – John 2:1–11 1. What does this story say about people? 

2. What does this story say about Jesus? 

3. What does this story say about you? 

4. Who needs to hear this story? 

4. A final heading titled “Reflection and Application” must be included at the end of the assignment. This part of the assignment is where you reflect on the assignment itself and develop action steps for how you might use this in the future. You may want to consider some of the following questions as you complete this section: 

• What was helpful about this assignment? 

• How could you see yourself using this assignment in the future? 

• How does the learning that has taken place influence your own personal growth process? 

• What actions or changes are you willing to make as a result of your learning? 

5. The answers to your questions must be typed out in complete sentences. 

Medical Sociology



Format Requirements

Use the following format requirements on all submissions.Writing Style APA (American Psychological Association)   Note: To find detailed information on APA manuscript style guidelines on the Internet, go to www.apastyle.org .   Margins 1” all sides   Paragraphs The entire document should be double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)   Headings Bold   Type Style and Size Times New Roman, 12 point   Software MS Word

Student/Assignment Information

The following information should be on the first page on the top left side of the page in the format provided below. Do not provide a cover sheet (unless the assignment requires one).  Student Name     Student Identification Number     Course Number and Title     Assignment Number and Title     Date of Submission


multiple choice questions

Answer All Questions. Read all the answers carefully and select the best answer for each question.


1. _______ is a technique used by MNEs to deal with currency exposure?

   (a) Do nothing

   (b) Speculation

   (c ) Hedging

   (d) All are techniques MNEs could use.


2. Assuming no transaction costs (i.e., hedging is “free”), hedging currency exposures

      should _______ the variability of expected cash flow to a firm and at the same time, the

      expected value of the cash flows should_________.

   (a ) increase; not change

   (b) decrease; not change

   (c ) not change; increase

   (d ) not change; not change


3. Which of the following is cited as a good reason for NOT hedging currency exposures?

(a) Shareholders are more capable of diversifying risk than management.

(b) Currency risk management through hedging does not increase expected cash flows.

(c) Hedging activities are often of greater benefit to management than to shareholders.

(d ) All of the above are cited as reason NOT to hedge.


4. A U.S. firm sells merchandise to a British company for £ 100,000 at a current exchange

     rate of $1.43/£. If the exchange rate changes to $1.45/£ the U.S. firm will realize a ______ of _______.

   (a) loss; $2000

   (b) gain; $2000

   (c) Loss; £2000

   (d) gain; £2000


Use the following information for problem 5-13:

Plains States Manufacturing has just signed a contract to sell agriculture equipment to Boschin, a German firm, for € 1,250,000. The sale was made in June with payment due six months later than December. Because this is a sizable contract for the firm and because the contract is in Euros rather than dollars, Plains States is considering several hedging alternatives to reduce the exchange rate risk arising from the sale. To help the firm make a hedging decision you have gathered the following information.


•             The spot exchange rate is $0.8924/€

•             The six month forward rate is $0.8750/€

•             Plains States’ cost of capital is 11%

•             The Euro zone 6-month borrowing rate is 9%( or 4.5% for 6 months)

•             The Euro zone 6-months borrowing rate is 7%( or 3.5% for 6 months)

•             The U.S. 6-month borrowing rate is 8% (or 4% for 6 months)

•             The U.S. 6-month lending rate is 6%( or 3% for 6 months)

•             December put options for € 625,000; strike price $0.90,premium prices is 1.5%

•             Plains States’ forecast for 6-month  spot rates is $0.91/€

•             The budget rate, or the lowest acceptable sales price for this project, is $1,075,000

   or $0.86/€


5. If plains States chooses not to change hedge their euro receivable, the amount they

      receive in six months will be_________.

   (a) $1,125,000

   (b) $1,137,500


   (d) undeterminable today


6. If Plains States chooses to hedge its transaction exposure in the forward market, it will ________ € 1, 250,000 forward at a rate of ______.

   (a) sell; $0.8750/€

   (b) sell; $0.8924/€

   (c) buy; $0.8750/€

   (d) buy; $0.8924/€


7. Plains States chooses to hedge its transaction exposure in the forward market at the

      available forward rate. The payoff in 6 months will be______.

(a) $1,137,500

(b) $1,125,000

(c) $1,093, 750

(d) $1,075, 000


8. If Plains States locks in the forward hedge at $0.8750/€, and the spot rate when the

      transaction was recorded on the books was $0.8924/€, this will result in a “ foreign

      exchange loss” accounting transaction of _______.

(a) $0

(b) $21,750

(c) This was not a loss, it was a gain of $21,750.

(d) There is not enough information to answer this question.


9. Plains States would be ________ by an amount equal to __________ with a forward

      hedge than if they had not hedged and their predicted exchange rate for 6 months had

      been correct.

(a) better off; $43,750

(b) better off; $62500

(c) worse off; $43,750

(d) worse off; $62500




10. If Plains States chooses to implement a money market hedge for the Euro receivables, how much money will the firm borrow today?

(a) € 1,201,923


(c) €1,196,172

(d)$ 1,196,172


11. A ________ hedge allows Plains States to enjoy the benefits of a favorable change in exchange rates for their euro receivables contract while protecting the firm from unfavorable exchange rate changes.

(a) forward

(b) call option.

(c) put option.

(d) money market


12. The cost of a call option to Plains States would be________.

(a) $17, 653.

(b) $16, 733

(c) $18, 471

(d) there is not enough information to answer this question


13. If Plains States purchases the put option, and the option expires in six months on the

      same day that Plains States receives €1,250,000, the firm will exercise the put at that time

      if the spot rate is $0.91/€.

(a) True

(b) False


14. Whohauser is a U.S.-based forest products firm. In June Whohauser delivers a shipment of raw lumber to Japan. The ¥55,000,000 receivable is due in 180 days. The firm ‘s foreign exchange advisors believe the yen will be at about ¥115/$ then. The current spot rate is ¥110/$. Whohauser has received a 180 day forward quote of ¥ 108/$. If the company locks in the forward quote and the exchange rate goes to ¥115 as expected, how much will the firm receive in dollars in 180 days? Is this cash flow risky or known with certainty today?

(a) $509,259 certain

(b) $500,000 risky

(c ) $478,261 risky

(d) $500,000 certain


15. Expected changes in foreign exchange rates should already be factored into anticipated operating results by management and investors.

(a) True

(b) False





16. If an identical product can be sold in two different markets, and no restrictions exist on the sale or transportation costs, the product’s price should be the same in both markets. This is known as

(a) relative purchasing power parity.

(b) interest rate parity.

(c) the law of one price.

(d) equilibrium.


17. The Economist publishes annually the “hamburger standard” by which they compare the prices of the McDonalds Corporation Big Mac hamburger around the world. The index estimates the exchange rates for currencies based on the assumption that the burgers in question are the same across the world and therefore, the price should be the same. If a Big Mac costs $2.54 in the United States and 294 yen in Japan, what is the estimated exchange rate of yen per dollar as hypothesized by the Hamburger index?

(a) $0.0086/¥

(b) 124¥/$

(c) $0.0081/¥

(d) 115.75¥/$


18. If according to the law of one price the current exchange rate of dollars per British pound is $1.75/£, then at an exchange rate of $1.85/£, the dollar is __________.

(a) overvalued

(b) undervalued

(c) correctly valued

(d) unknown relative valuation


19. Other things equal, and assuming efficient markets, if a Honda Accord costs $18, 365 in the U.S. then at an exchange rate of $1.43/£, the Honda Accord should cost __________ in Great Britain.

(a) 26,262£

(b) 18,365£

(c) 12,843£

(d) 9,183£


20. __________ states that differential rates of inflation between two countries tend to be offset over time by an equal but opposite change in the spot exchange rate.

(a) The Fisher Effect

(b) The International Fisher Effect

(c) Absolute Purchasing Power Parity

(d) Relative Purchasing Power Parity


21. One year ago the spot rate of U.S. dollars for Canadian dollars was $1/C$1. Since that time the rate of inflation in the U.S. has been 4% greater than that in Canada. Based on the theory of Relative PPP, the current spot exchange rate of U.S. dollars for Canadian dollars should be approximately


(a) $0.96/C$

(b) $1/C$1

(c) $1.04/C$1

(d) relative PPP provides no guide for this type of question.


22. __________ states that nominal interest rates in each country are equal to the required real rate of return plus compensation for expected inflation.

(a) Absolute PPP

(b) Relative PPP

(c) The Law of One Price

(d) The Fisher Effect



23. In its approximate form the Fisher effect may be written as __________. Where: i the nominal rate of interest, r the real rate of return and the expected rate of inflation.

(a) i (r)()

(b) i r (r)()

(c) i r

(d) i r 2


24. Assume a nominal interest rate on one-year U.S. Treasury Bills of 3.80% and a real rate of interest of 2.00%. Using the Fisher Effect Equation, what is the exact expected rate of inflation in the U.S. over the next year?

(a) 1.84%

(b) 1.80%

(c) 1.76%

(d) 1.72%


25. The relationship between the percentage change in the spot exchange rate over time and the differential between comparable interest rates in different national capital markets is known as


(a) absolute PPP

(b) the law of one price

(c) relative PPP

(d) the international Fisher Effect


26. According to the international Fisher Effect, if an investor purchases a five-year U.S. bond that has an annual interest rate of 5% rather than a comparable British bond that has an annual interest rate of 6%, then the investor must be expecting the __________ to __________ at a rate of at least 1% per year over the next 5 years.

(a) British pound; appreciate

(b) British pound; revalue

(c) U.S. dollar; appreciate

(d) U.S. dollar; depreciate


27. Assume the current U.S. dollar-British spot rate is 0.6993£/$. If the current nominal one-year interest rate in the U.S. is 5% and the comparable rate in Britain is 6%, what is the approximate forward exchange rate for 360 days?

(a) 1.42£/$

(b) 1.43£/$

(c) 0.6993£/$

(d) 0.7060£/$


28. The current U.S. dollar-yen spot rate is 125¥/$. If the 90-day forward exchange rate is 127 ¥/$ then the yen is selling at a per annum __________ of __________.

(a) premium; 1.57%

(b) premium; 6.30%

(c) discount; 1.57%

(d) discount; 6.30%




29. The theory of __________ states that the difference in the national interest rates for securities of similar risk and maturity should be equal to but opposite in sign to the forward rate discount or premium for the foreign currency, except for transaction costs.

(a) international Fisher Effect

(b) absolute PPP

(c) interest rate parity

(d) the law of one price


30. Use interest rate parity to answer this question. A U.S. investor has a choice between a risk-free one-year U.S. security with an annual return of 4%, and a comparable British security with a return of 5%. If the spot rate is $1.43/£, the forward rate is $1.44/£, and there are no transaction costs, the investor should invest in the U.S. security.

(a) True


(b) False