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1-1 Discussion: Getting Started With Microsoft Word, computer science homework help

Introduce yourself to your peers, including your area of study, and briefly describe how you use Microsoft Word (if at all). After reviewing the assigned resources, discuss the following question: What do you hope to accomplish from this course that will enable you to more effectively use Word in your professional, personal, or academic life? […]

EVD Epidemiology and Nursing Research Paper

Write a paper (2,000-2,500 words) in which you apply the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to a communicable disease. Refer to “Communicable Disease Chain,” “Chain of Infection,” and the CDC website for assistance when completing this assignment. Communicable Disease Selection Chickenpox Tuberculosis Influenza Mononucleosis Hepatitis B HIV Ebola Measles Polio Influenza Epidemiology Paper Requirements […]

Assessment #4: Case Study of Financial Analysis and Operating Ratios (15%)

Instructions Assessment #4: Case Study of Financial Analysis and Operating Ratios (15%) In this assessment you will use the income statement and balance sheet information identified below and evaluate the firm’s financial condition based on three profitability ratios: a) Total Margin, b) Return on Assets and c) Return on Equity.  You will be graded based on your description, understanding of […]

Response to discussion board question

This assignment is for the Discussion Board. Check the two posts and write a respond separately to their threads “meaning two posts”, the response must be substantive and contain new ideas or expand a point or disagree with statement etc, response must be supported with example or evidence. Professor will assign points based on quality […]

Assignment – Integrating Theories Questions

Assignment 5: Integrating Theories In this course, we have studied various approaches to therapy and explored the utility of each orientation with reference to the client.  For this assignment, take the perspective of a therapist working with clients. This will help you honestly assess your own development and more objectively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages […]